Is it Safe to Travel Alone?

Posted on March 7, 2017 at 9:58 am

The good news for people who like to travel alone is that there are many parts of the world where it is very easy for you to get by. There will always be risks associated with travel, whether you are in a group or on your own, however, these can be minimised if you are a safe and responsible traveller.

The main thing to do is select the right locations. For example, if you want to travel alone in Asia, it may be easier to go to places like Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore as a lone traveller. Places like India may be more challenging, especially for women. Pick your destinations carefully.

Once you arrive, be careful and aware of your surroundings to help you to travel safely. Be very careful with your possessions and don’t leave them anywhere unattended. You may want to consider a travel safety course before you depart, to teach you some basic self-defence skills.

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